This project started with the logo design. The client had a rough idea of what they wanted, but we still had to dive into the details and figure it out. We did this one step at a time. 

They knew that they wanted a shield of some sort, but they weren’t sure what shape they wanted, so we looked at a ton of different shields and picked one together. Then I presented them with a collection of fonts that I felt expressed their brand and their product. I tried to select fonts that felt strong, sleek and futuristic. The one we ultimately based our design on checks all of those boxes. 

  • Graphic Design 45%
  • Web Design 40%
  • Fajitas 10%

Fun Fact – There is a reason the font seems paradoxically futuristic and oldschool at the same time: It is because the font is very similar to those found on 60s and 70s muscle cars! That could also be the reason that the font has a strong reliable feeling or maybe it’s just the shape

Next, I modified the font to make it more unique to their brand. I initially envisioned a flat logo, since that is what I typically recommend for a logo that will be printed frequently; However the client wanted some sort of depth or 3D element to their brand. I was fairly confident that I understood their vision, but I was somewhat hesitant to make it happen because I was worried it would look dated. Despite my reservations I went ahead with the request, because ultimately it was their logo, not mine. I painstakingly added hand drawn reflections and gradients to each element of the logo, and I was pleasantly surprised with the result. It did feel a little bit old school, but it’s different than what I would have done on my own and I like it. It can be really interesting to blend someone else’s vision with your style. It is kind of like playing someone else’s song. For better or for worse, the result is a unique combination of your style and the original composition. 

We actually ended up using several  variations of the logo for assorted marketing applications. I’m really pleased with the way each variation turned out. My favorite version is probably the one that was printed on the paper insert that shipped with the cases. This is kind of funny because it’s the item that was bound to be thrown away or recycled. 🙂

Wisdenite InsertWisdenite Phone Case

The last thing I worked on for Wisdenite was a pretty simple little website with a lot of style. I tried to use imagery that would evoke a sense of contemporary technology. That may sound strange, especially since I didn’t use any specific tech imagery, but the colors and the overall vibe somehow conveys something sleek and modern. Everything was in line with the brand aesthetic and the clients were thrilled.

Fun Fact #2 – Since the website was designed before the release of the first phone case, I didn’t actually have any of them in hand for product photography. All I had was one low quality picture from the manufacturer for the upcoming case model. I cleaned it up and faked different angles in Photoshop. I think it turned out pretty well, all things considered.

Wisdenite Website