The first thing I tried to do with this logo was make sure that equal emphasis was placed on Wilson Nelson and Morgan in the logo since it is an equal partnership. I think I did this, while still allowing the individual partner names to stand out through shape and color. Each partner has a color that is used in the main the logo as well as their personal branding.

I’m typically a proponent of trying to convey a high class, premium brand for small businesses and individuals; However, for this particular brand I thought it was important to keep the imagery approachable. Most people realize that any attorney isn’t cheap and are willing to pay for services, so making the brand seem overly prestigious could be self-defeating. The brand needs to appeal to the creative types who need an intellectual property attorney. I think this logo succeeds in keeping the brand professional and approachable for that crowd. While other stuffy law firms are busy trying to look prestigious with gold letters and gavels, Wilson Nelson Morgan will be connecting with potential clients.

  • Wilson 33%
  • Nelson 33%
  • Morgan 33%
  • Fine Print 1%