Wilson Concrete Restoration

Creating these business cards was not as simple as it initially seemed. The biggest challenge was balancing a franchise logo with the name of the local business. They are both important elements of the business card that each deserve a place of prominence. Since the local business didn’t have a visual brand identity, I decided to do everything in the style of the franchise. It required a bit of experimentation, but I was able to effectively balance the essential elements of the card while portraying a professional image. I wanted to represent the quality of their concrete products, so I went with a look that was clean and sleek, yet powerful and durable. (I also created a series of similar car magnets)

This is may be the least impressive piece on my portfolio, but it representative of a lot of real life work where you are helping brands work with assets that they already have, so I decided to include it here.

CTi Business Cards
  • Graphic Design 75%
  • Print Preparation 15%
  • Italicized Font 10%