Spencer Kettenring

I really enjoyed making this website. It was a pretty simple site for an aspiring author. It was made back when blogging was big and the main objective was attracting visitors through the blog. Since this was the main purpose, I made the blog page the main page, front and center. The site was built for blogging and included many features that were at the forefront of modern blogging. It had several post types that helped differentiate and accentuate content: articles, quotes, photo galleries, and videos. This brought simple posts to life, even if the author was just sharing a YouTube video with his thoughts or sharing some sketches online. Social Media was integrated and beautifully emphasized on every post. All of this was designed to look good on mobile, desktop and everything in between. Most of these features may be standard now, but at the time it was a very sleek site.

Spencer Kettenring Website
Outside of a dedicated page for book sales, I wasn’t really responsible for the content: I just set up a website and a framework for the blog. However, I did have a lot of fun filling it with sci-fi placeholder content. I made it look good and I left the rest up to the author. Although the actual website is no longer active, you can check out my version here.
  • Web Design 70%
  • Sci Fi 20%
  • Graphic Design 10%