Soundchecked was one of my personal projects. It was the perfect marriage of my love of marketing and music. It was a website that focused on reviewing and exploring music through the eyes of other musicians. (not english majors) I was going to run the website with several friends, but things did not work out. I still published a handful of articles, but it proved to be a bit too much to tackle alone. I’d like to revisit it someday.

The site was built on a robust platform that was easily updatable and expandable. The architecture used could have been quickly converted to a more robust news site with categories and trending topics. Despite the failure to get off the ground, setting up this website and creating this brand was an excellent experience. I always enjoy doing my own brainstorming, branding, business strategy and design.

Even though the website is relatively simple, I think it’s one of best that I have ever done. The style is consistent throughout, including the beautiful, easy to use template for album artwork. As soon as I can nail down a daily writing habit I’ll revisit this project.

You can check it out at

(You can ignore the security warning, I just haven’t bothered to renew the security certificate on this because the site is inactive, but it won’t hurt you or your computer.)


  • Web Design 33%
  • Graphic Design 25%
  • Copywriting 22%
  • Branding 13%
  • Daydreaming 7%
Soundchecked Website