Perozaks Welding-Twin City Industrial & Hydraulics

This started out as a quick little 1-weekend website and it expanded into one of the best websites I’ve ever made. The initial website was made with very limited time and info. The client just needed something they could list in a professional directory. Even though the requirements were extremely low on the initial website, I put in the effort to make it look professional. This paid off when they invited me to make a more robust website.

You can visit the website here.

  • Web Design 70%
  • Graphic Design 20%
  • Copywriting 10%

The first step in designing an effective website is establishing your objectives and organizing your information accordingly. In this case, the goal was to offer basic info and get potential clients to pick up the phone. The client provided a lot of useful information and I distilled it into a format that fit our objectives. The result is a concise, single page website that is attractive and effective. It still has convenient navigation and all of the information that you would normally see spread across several pages, but it is organized vertically so visitors can seamlessly transition between topics. This wasn’t just a trendy design choice: Attention spans are short and this format allows visitors to learn more about the brand with less friction. Any non-essential information was placed on side pages that link back to the main page. These side pages are SEO magnets, job listings, and anything that doesn’t fit on the carefully curated main page. This preserves the main page as a concise, highly optimized brochure for potential customers; It has everything it needs and nothing that it doesn’t. It is an achievement in brevity and aesthetics.

Perozaks Website

In addition to the initial website design, I provided ongoing updates & maintenance. Over the years I have added several secondary pages, updated text and images and added new functionality to the website. For example, I added a job postings page and a banner advertising open positions.I have also managed the web and email hosting of the company. In addition to everything else, I had the opportunity to do a bit of print work for them. The flyer is pretty simple and it mirrors the website, but the challenge was trying to include the visual identity of Perozak’s Welding and their sister company Twin City Industrial & Hydraulics on the same page. I’m grateful that I have been able to continue to serve clients in various aspects of their marketing. Repeat business must mean that I’ve been doing something right.

Information Sheet for Perozaks Welding