National Center on Sexual Exploitation

I had the opportunity to do some stickers for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. Their mission is to fight all forms of sexual exploitation. Defending the most vulnerable members of society is something I really believe in, so I was excited to work with them on this. I was given text for the stickers and tasked with creating engaging, eye catching designs. I attempted to take simple concepts and make them visually interesting, while retaining readability. This required a bit of creativity and a bit of caution due to the delicate nature of the subject matter. In the end, I was able to create print-ready, original artwork that achieved these goals.

If I were to work with them again in a broader marketing capacity, I might recommend a different approach to their messaging. Straightforward porn shaming may convince a small number of people who are somehow supporting sexual exploitation, but I believe there are more effective means and messages for their cause.

  • Creative Brainstorming 40%
  • Graphic Design 35%
  • Print Preperations 13%
  • Bumper Sticker Enthusiasm 2%
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