liTERRA business card & website
  • Graphic Design 40%
  • Web Design 40%
  • Branding 20%

liTERRA was a group that provided literature for, education on and access to essential oils. I was asked to assist with the initial phase of branding / naming the business. Although I typically try to avoid abstract names that may be hard for people to pronounce or remember this name seemed like a good fit for this business. It fulfilled 2 main objectives:

  • It worked well as an international name because it didn’t require any translation or localization.
    * This was important because the group operated in many different countries.
  • It leveraged the popularity and name recognition of a popular brand of essential oils.
    * Although I was concerned about brand confusion, this was an important factor for the clients.

Next I created a logo and some brand assets for the company in the same style as other successful companies in the industry. These assets included a website, business cards and some promotional materials. The website included a searchable index of various essential oils and their effects. Unfortunately the website has been taken offline for several reasons. All that remains is the sideways screenshot on this website. 🙁

liTERRA promotional material