liTERRA business card & website
  • Web Design 40%
  • Graphic Design 30%
  • Branding 15%
  • Hippie Oils 10%
  • Unsubstantiated Claims 5%

I was asked to assist with branding a company that provided literature, education, and access to essential oils. This business was basically a piggyback brand based on the popular doTERRA essential oils, so I recommended a similar name: liTERRA. Both names have latin roots: doTERRA means “gift of the earth” in latin and  liTERRA means literature in latin. The liTERRA branding worked well since essential oil education and literature was a primary focus for the brand. It also met a key requirement of working well as an international brand name. It was used throughout North America and Europe without any translation or localization requirements.

In addition to branding, I was tasked with creating a logo and brand assets in a similar style to other successful essential oil companies. These assets included a website, business cards and some promotional materials. The website included a fairly comprehensive and searchable index of various essential oils and their properties. This website was later taken offline for several reasons and unfortunately all I have left is the super small, sideways screenshot seen here. 🙁

As a sidenote: I probably won’t work with a company like this again, but if I did I would make sure all of their claims were carefully evaluated by the FDA. In retrospect, there were some claims that were probably too good to be true.

liTERRA promotional material