Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes is a company that provides software for helping people who want to avoid pornography online. They wanted to publish a series of infographics detailing the potential pitfalls of pornography. They provided a large collection of vague statistics to choose from and I selected the ones that I thought made the most compelling case for avoiding porn. (unpleasant aspects of the industry that people may overlook) I crafted a clever attention grabbing title and organized everything into an infographic. I represented sensitive topics carefully with simple, yet expressive,  illustrations.

In hindsight, I’m not certain that these statistics are accurate and I’m not sure I would feel comfortable or confident creating this infographic today. I am however, confident that I did a great job on this project.

  • Graphic Design 69%
  • Organization & Research 16%
  • Naivete 10%
10 Hidden Effects of Pornography Infographic