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I have had the opportunity to do several projects for CRC. My first project was creating flyers and door hangers advertising clinical research studies to potential participants. My next project was to create templates for their newsletter. The challenge with both of these projects was customizing them for the CRC brand, but keeping them adaptable enough for them to re-use them in future marketing efforts.

My biggest project with CRC was redesigning their website and integrating it with the software they use. The various requirements of the project resulted in some significant design challenges, but in the end we were able to create an extremely effective website. We refocused the website on their target audience and lowered their bounce rate by 60%! (A bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors who leave your website after viewing only one page.) The website also saved CRC countless hours of manual labor with it’s study sign up forms. Visitors can now sign up for studies on their own rather than calling or emailing CRC directly. We also streamlined the sign-up process for their study notification emails so every visitor has the opportunity to enroll. I set up their website with powerful analytic tools so we can track visitor behavior and continue to tweak designs. (making them more effective)

  • Graphic Design 60%
  • Coding 30%
  • Testing 10%


Lower Bounce Rate