This was one of my all time favorite projects: Partly because I played bass guitar in this band and partly because I love the aesthetic that I created for the brand. Although the name wasn’t initially my favorite, it was something we could all live with. I ran with it and created some stunning marketing materials.

Managing and marketing a small band was surprisingly similar to running a small business. It allowed me to flex my muscles as marketing professional and utilize my experience experience in purchasing and project management. I quickly got us set up on Trello (a Kanban style project management tool) to track songwriting ideas, setlists, potential bookings, and administrative tasks. I also handled procuring band supplies such as business cards, whiteboards, recording equipment, and digital assets such as emails addresses, fonts & domain names.



  • Photography 2%
  • Sales 5%
  • Branding 7%
  • Graphic Design 10%
  • Social Media 12%
  • Project Management 13%
  • Playing Bass 50%

Believe it or not this picture is actually a composite. (a picture composed of individual pictures rather than a group shot.) I had a vision for the band picture that I wanted to make and I directed everyone how to pose for individual pictures. I got my wife to take my picture, but I took all the rest.  The final composite picture turned out even better than I had imagined because of the double exposure effect and the excellent symmetry.

I really liked the idea of giving each band member a color. I think it’s a theme we could have stuck with and utilized further if the band hadn’t broken up.

  • Phil 20%
  • Tyson 20%
  • Anthony 20%
  • Jake 20%
  • Mike 20%

I threw this website together quickly and effectively. (I was my own boss!) It has some awesome effects and artwork, but it’s also extremely easy to update. It dynamically pulls content from other band media sources like YouTube, Soundcloud, and our band calendar. The original domain was perfect: BLVD.BAND

Since the band is no longer active you can find the website here:

Be sure check out the background on the website as you scroll up and down.

BLVD Website

I took creating and managing the bands social media accounts seriously. I made custom graphics for each platform and made an effort to connect with fans, venues and other bands. This included making graphics, events and announcements for each performance. My efforts paid off in the form of public and private bookings.

I still have venues contacting me about bookings even though the band broke up a few years ago. This is especially surprising, since I have friends with talented bands that struggle to get gigs. Connecting with fans and venues is key.

BLVD Facebook Preview
BLVD Album
CD case with BLVD cutout: Colorful explosion printed on booklet can be seen through the cut out.
BLVD Album Inside
Inside view of the CD case.
BLVD Singles
If you look closely you will notice that the artwork for the singles combine to create the artwork for the full-length album. (which they are featured on) It is the Voltron of album artwork.
BLVD Business Cards
Business cards for a small band pose a unique challenge: You never know if you will be talking to a potential fan or someone who you might want to work with. We wanted potential partners to have all of our contact info, but we only wanted fans to have our web address. A simple card design coupled with simple email addresses solved this problem. The back of the card only listed our website for fans; When we wanted to connect with someone, we wrote our name@ on top of the web address. (and our phone number underneath) In my case I wrote mike@ on top because my email was This elegant solution saved starving musicians from unnecessary printing costs and the hassle of carrying two sets of cards everywhere.